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Self Help Articles

A large selection of news, guidance and self help articles created by industry leading Professionals and experts, to help you improve your skills.

How To Videos

You can find a great selection of Educational Videos on all topics you may need assistance with. Recorded by our experts so you get to know their expertise.

Latest Podcasts

You can listen to our full gallery of topical discussions and guidance via podcasts, created by Professionals for your convenience.

Professionals Directory

You get Direct access to specialist experts in the field of Therapy, Counseling, Coaching, Personal Development and more. They are just a click away.

Meet and Find Our Professionals

Our Professionals are experts in their field of practice, and representative from all areas of the Globe. Feel free to discover how they can best serve you and your needs. Our Professionals gives you insight into their work and their approach, and you can freely discover and build trust and familiarity with their work. You can find your professional here and take the next step.


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It is refreshing to find guidance and top resources, plus ready assistance in one place. I dropped my scepticism of professionals quickly. Feels good…

Bob Wowser

  • Therapy 92%
  • Counseling 95%
  • Hypnotherapy 95%
  • Coaching 90%
  • Stress 97%

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our clients found the following selection of questions and answers useful in their journey to progress, and familiarizing themselves with our services. These cover a broad range of questions frequently asked by others. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We would welcome yours. Simply use the form below.

It is simply just easier to first get to know who you want to trust with your story. I found the compassion I sought. Thank you

May Flower

  • Relationships 94%
  • Personal Development 90%
  • Teaching & Training 87%
  • Spiritual 75%
  • Holistic Therapies 80%
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Is this a Free service?
Yes – it is a free service. Our extensive library of self-help articles, how to videos and handy podcasts created by our Professionals are totally free for you to use. You can freely ask any burning question you may have in our Q&A pages and we will respond to you speedily. Do note that if you opt to contact one of our professionals, via their websites or take up their services, you may be charged for their services. This option is entirely your own decision and we simply make it easier to connect with the professional and their services – you select. You can get our Newsletter choc filled with self-empowering news, views and guidance, plus we regularly send you free goodies as part of being in the family and we want to see you progress. You simply sign up to get it straight to your inbox – it’s free.

We do offer you an online Academy where you can take various personal development and other training course. These may be charged for at a nominal fee or as a free course. We manage our online Shop where you can purchase recommended self-help products, books, and goods.

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