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It is just easier to spend the time to create a piece of content in my spare time – really 20 minutes – for the month and I know that a few hundred clients would read, listen or view it. And THAT is all it takes to bring them to my website. The best thing though, is knowing that I am creating value in someones life.

Dr. A Nother

Psychiatrist, Another Psychiatrist in Trouble

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our Colleagues found the following selection of questions and answers useful when first starting their journey to gain more clients, and familiarizing themselves with our services. These cover a broad range of questions frequently asked by others. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We would welcome yours.

What is this going to cost me?

Nothing at all – other than two hours of your time – per month. We get clients to you as they read, listen to and view your content on various platforms across all of social media and YOU make money. No catch!

How would this help or benefit me?

ONLY – your investment in time [2 hours per month] to create content [videos, podcast and article]. This means your signature and expertise is concretized in the content for the life it is displayed and on the web. Your content will be published to all social networks and will generate your leads and income from these sources for all this time and beyond.

This service is free and you get to showcase your expertise and your service – for free. No advertising costs to you EVER! Clients will simply absorb your content and easily build trust with you, your services and your expertise. Clients subsequently contact you directly your content links or from your profile and you make money.

Additionally you benefit from our specialist SEO strategies as we maximise your content and this means search engines picks up your links [incoming and outgoing to and from your website] and provide you with authoritative link-building and therefore traffic to increase your rankings and push you higher up in searches users would make. We fully optimize all your content [articles, videos and podcasts] with specific niche keyword search, titles, description and more to ensure you benefit from content created by all our professionals as a collective – and thus dominate the searches people are making online. It gives you overall much more authority in your area of expertise. All this add to is more searches and more clients finding you over a longer period of time – and thus much more income.

How do I sign up?

Just click the ‘Sign Up’ buttons on various pages throughout the website pages or click here to sign up. The link will take you to a registration page to complete. This is a secure contact form that send us a message of your intention and response to become a professional with our service. Do ensure that you read our terms of service and privacy policies as part of our service. You can send this email and we will respond to you with full information and downloadable document in PDF and Microsoft Word form, outlining the full process and all information you are to supply for your online professional profile. You have to do nothing else as we will create your profile and all your details. You can send up to 6 pictures for your profile, your company or business logo and an introductory video about yourself and your services. We will supply you with full information and specifications in the document we will send you. You will get links to our online website application to record your video, or podcasts. You will get access to our online website professional section, useful how to information and much more so you can get started to create your content, so you can be found.

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Sign up here to get started, totally free. We believe in our service and how we can make this work for you. Best of all – it is so easy to spend 2 hours per month and gain extensive results for your business and income. Simply send us this email as a request to join us. We will connect with you speedily and forward the required documentation to submit information for your Profile.

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